Rashid Mahmood Langrial (CEO),apprised the chief minister about the progress of the project and gave a briefing in this regard

Rashid Mahmood Langrial (CEO),apprised the chief minister about the progress of the project and gave a briefing in this regard

LAHORE – Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif says time is not far when the PML-N opponents will also be appreciating the development schemes of this government.

“Rulers in the past did irreparable losses to the country and the now it is the PML-N government trying hard to recover the losses and enable the country to stand at par with the respectable and prosperous nations,” the chief minister said while interacting with the media men during his visit to 1223-megawatt Balloki gas power plant near Kasur yesterday.

During the tour, the chief minister inspected various sections of under construction gas power plant and lauded the speed of work on the project.

Shehbaz said that a huge loss has been caused to the country and the nation due to sit-ins and protest politics of Niazi Sahib (Imran Khan). “The Panama case is in Supreme Court and we have great respect for the apex court and its decisions,” he told the media and added all should respect the decision of the court unlike Niazi Sahib who says good in case the decision is in his favour otherwise not accepted.

“This attitude of Niazi Sahib is tantamount to killing the justice.”

To another question, the chief minister said that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had once decided to construct Kala Bagh dam, although this is a non-practicable project but its usefulness cannot be denied. “It is against the solidarity of Pakistan to start work on this project unless the entire nation is united and the four brothers (provinces) agreed,” he added.

The CM further said that consensus of all the four provinces is necessary for Kala Bagh project.

Shehbaz informed that electricity needs of four hundred thousand families will be fulfilled with the installation of Balloki power plant and 20 million people will be benefitted.

“Time is not far when the opponents will also be compelled to appreciate our energy projects as the records of speed, transparency and saving set by the PML-N government in energy projects are unprecedented. Why dictator Musharraf, raising the slogan of ‘Pakistan First’, did not think about construction of Dasu and Basha dams,” he asked.

The CM held the former dictator caused irreparable loss to Pakistan with regard to energy. Further hitting at the last governments, Shehbaz said that past rulers ruined the country and the nation and country’s resources were looted ruthlessly.

He added that destiny of Pakistan is linked to energy projects and he will motivate the engineers for speedy development of energy projects and is ready to do all for the nation.

The federal and provincial government are setting up 3600-megawatt gas power plants from their own resources at Balloki, Haveli Bahadur Shah, and Bhikki and these three projects will be completed within a short period of 27 months whereas in past, such projects were not completed even in 60 months, the CM told the media.

“It will be a record in the 70 years history of Pakistan that a project will be completed within the stipulated period without any additional expenditure,” he claimed while informing that installation of generators has been completed whereas turbines will also reach in March.

First turbine will become operational in July while the second in August due to which, 750 megawatt electricity will be added to national grid while in January 2018, the 562 million dollars project will generate 1223 megawatt electricity.

Rashid Mahmood Langrial, Chief Executive Officer of the Balloki power plant, apprised the chief minister about the progress of the project and gave a briefing in this regard. Provincial Minister for Industries Sheikh Alauddin, assembly members and officials concerned were also present on the occasion.